Maple Comics was set up by two friends - Amir Hafizi (left) and Fairul Nizam - and started being active on December 2014.

Both met as Fairul set up his monthly comic book on his own 10 years prior and managed to achieve a limited success with his project. Fairul then went on to become a screenwriter and a feature film director after going for a course at the New York Film Academy. He is a marathon runner and is happily married with two wonderful kids.

Amir was a journalist, media strategist and screenwriter for 12 years before having a heart attack in 2014. He decided - melodramatically - to do things he likes before he dies. One of them is comics. A journalist paranoid like Spider Jerusalem, he still has suspicions that any sales made by Maple Comics is probably his friends humouring him.

Maple Comics is set up to publish comics for teens and above - focusing on titles these two friends like to read. The company categorizes everything as fiction and non-fiction, and is interested in pushing any title that has a strong story and strong identity.