Comics for all ages.

Maple Comics is a graphic novel comic publishing company for teenagers, youth and the unconscious elderly. Founded by two comic enthusiast friends – Fairul Nizam Ablah and Amir Hafizi in 2013 and published the first comic in December 2014, Maple Comics tries to break up the domestic and international comic industry.

Maple Comics publishes two types of comics – fiction and non -fiction. We focus on more mature readers in order to bring the medium of comics to readers who value art and a more cohesive storyline and appropriate to the current situation.

The name of the company is taken from the word Mah-Pley, which stands for ‘eating place’. Where to eat in Malaysia is more than just a place to eat, it is a place to watch TV, make love and even generate great ideas that can conquer the world. Our goal is to publish at least one graphic novel every 3 months.



Have what it takes to share your creativity with the world? Publish now with us. As long it focuses on works that are fun to read, regardless of genre-science fiction, love, drama, horror, absurd, non-fiction. If it’s good, we’ll publish it. Send your ideas or examples of your sequential art to us.